Our priorities

We foster responsible business conduct

The strength of the European economy is built on a set of values that will lead to a sustainable economic system.

Aspired to these values, our member companies embrace corporate social responsibility as a pivotal contributor to the EU’s objectives of sustainable development and highly competitive social market economy.

We believe that fostering responsible business should be at the heart of the EU-Japan economic and political partnership.
Business responsibility and integrity should go beyond administrative functions, enhanced disclosure and improved reporting. It should be firmly embedded in companies’ mission, organisation and governance.

CSR Approach

Promoting an open trade and investment agenda
Encouraging a common regulatory framework

Fostering responsible business conduct

Reporting and disclosure


Business and human rights

Supply chain management

Dialogue with policy makers and other stakeholders
Best practice sharing
Bridging European and Japaneses CSR arena
JBCE approaches to
responsible business conduct

Recommendations to the EU and Japan

  • Introduce a flexible and principle-based policy framework for CSR that will strengthen long term competitiveness and meet the expectations of stakeholders in various communities.
  • Create incentives for leading companies that proactively assume their corporate and societal responsibilities.