The 23rd annual meeting of the EU-Japan Business Round Table took place at the Palais d’Egmont in Brussels and online on Thursday, 4 November.

© Imaginyou/E.Charneux

© Imaginyou/E.Charneux

The meeting focussed on digital issues (the EU-Japan digital transformation and the EU-Japan Digital Partnership), on green (the EU-Japan Green Alliance) and on trade and regulatory cooperation (EU-Japan industry, trade and regulatory cooperation). A special session assessed the prospects for trilateral (EU-Japan-US) industrial cooperation on green growth.

Commissioner Breton (© Imaginyou/E.Charneux)

On digital issues, Mr. Chris Jackson, JBCE President, made his presentaiton in which he expressed JBCE’s expectation for the conclusion of an EU-Japan Digital Partnership and stated that JBCE would contribute to the debate as a driver of industrial cooperation with the credentials recognized by European and Japanese leaders alike. JBCE also made valuable inputs on green and trade and regulatory cooperation.

For more information, please visit BRT 2021 annual meeting web page.

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